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Waldo is my new bestest friend

The entire adoption process was incredible! We got to FaceTime with our pup when he was just 2 weeks old, and we visited him at 3 weeks! Every single week we received updates and adorable photos and videos! He is super healthy, adorable, and full of energy! We absolutely adore our new addition to the family and highly recommend Ohio Corgis as it was a perfect experience! Thank you so so much!

Our Little Angel

We picked up our sweet girl, (Basil), a few weeks ago, and she couldn’t be more perfect. She is so smart, and is already housebroken at 10 weeks old, which is incredible. Everyone loves her, she is so good with children, and loves meeting new people - an incredibly social little girl! We couldn’t be happier with the experience of picking her up or with her, so thankful we got her!


We love our new baby corgi Oliver! He is such a good boy sleeps all night in his crate. Oliver loves meeting new people. He could play for hours! He is now 11 weeks old and can do almost all of his tricks! We are so thankful for Ohio Corgis! They answered all of our questions and helped us along the way! Thank you!