We understand that service matters and are humbled by the kindness of our customers.

No Regrets

After doing extensive research for Corgi breeders we found Joe. I’m so happy we did! We traveled three hours for our pup and I have no regrets (well, most days because he IS a Corgi after all). Joe does everything by the book and you are getting a healthy, great quality dog. Everywhere I go, people comment on how beautiful my Maelgwyn is–even the vets! I’ve never had any health or behavioral issues (again, he IS a Corgi and they can be quite stubborn) with him. As a matter of fact, he’s just passed his testing and is now a registered therapy dog! I always recommend Ohio Corgis to anyone who is looking for a reputable breeder. Go with Joe!

Piper or newest Corgi

We reached out to Ohio Corgi's a couple of months ago in search of our newest family member ( Piper) Little did we know we would be meeting Anna, who is such an amazing person for adopt from. The care she provides her puppies and their perspective adopting families is second to none. And this is not our first time adopting a Corgi, so have experience with this. Well done Anna and if and when we are ready for another family member, we will be back. The facilities are clean, no odor, no messes, Anna greeted us as we were coming up the drive, with our baby in hand. She was totally organized and had all the answers to our questions. We had Piper vet checked within 3 days' and all is as it should be with her, healthy , happy and a bundle of joy. Thank you Anna!

We love our new Corgo

We are so grateful to Anna for our new corgi. She is happy, healthy, and already part of the family. Anna was wonderful with sending weekly video and picture up dates of our new fur baby. We looked forward to them. She was also very flexible in allowing us to come visit our baby and pick up at the last minute in the evening. We appreciated this so much. Life with our new corgi is so much fun.